The Team

Therapists and Office Manager


Erica Browne

Executive Director


Erica Browne she/her is an art therapist and professional counselor. Erica provides individual therapy to young people and adults who are: experiencing anxiety or depression, adjusting to life transitions, challenged by addictions, or have a history of traumatic experiences. Erica has clinical experience working with adolescents, new parents, and survivors of sexual assault or abuse. She believes positive, supportive relationships are central to our individual and collective healing. Erica offers a collaborative, validating, judgement-free space welcome to all.

Emily Nolan

Founder & Director of

Community Based Services and Research

Dr. Emily Nolan she/they is a board certified, licensed art psychotherapist, professional counselor, and a professor of practice in the Creative Arts Therapy program at Syracuse University in New York. Dr. Nolan has presented nationally and internationally, and written many academic publications. Her specialties include working with people and groups who have experienced trauma, and those needing help adjusting to life transitions.


Amber Thomas

MS Art Therapy, LPC IT

Amber Thomas she/her is an Art Therapist, with a background in trauma work and community-based art therapy. Amber is focused on a community centered approach providing clients tools to navigate emotional regulation and social emotional learning. She is a practicing artist and the owner of Brush Box a community art-based company, focused on using art as a modality for expression and healing.  Amber works as an art therapist for Bloom’s community programs.

Dannecker Stevens


Katherine Dannecker Stevens she/her is an art therapist and licensed professional counselor in training who works with adolescents and adults. Katherine takes a client centered approach to therapy and believes in the communicative power of art within the therapeutic process. Katherine has experience working with individuals with Autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma as well as art therapy experience in community based settings. Katherine is available for WRAP and self-pay clients.


Melissa Badertscher


Melissa Badertscher she/her is an art therapist and professional counselor in training. She has a master’s degree in both art therapy with emphasis in counseling and general psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development. Melissa has much experience working with children and adolescents and working with people in the autism community. She has experience working with people who have been touched by cancer including: Cancer patients undergoing treatment, caregivers, survivors, and those with terminal illness. Melissa works with individuals and families using a client-centered approach and offers support for those experiencing loss.

Alex Zens


Alex Zens (she/her) is an art therapist and mental health counselor who works with children ages 5-12. She is passionate about supporting children and their families through a person centered approach and believes healing occurs through the intersection of art & relationship. Alex works with children who have experienced trauma and who may be struggling in school, experiencing anxiety & low self-esteem, or having trouble developing appropriate coping skills. Alex is currently accepting Wraparound clients at NEIGHBOR art studio located in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood.


Vanessa Parker

Office Manager

Vanessa Parker she/her is Bloom's fabulous office manager. She keeps Bloom running smoothly and manages all inquiries.