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Our Therapists

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Lydia Ferraro, MS, ATR, LPC

Lydia Ferraro she/her is a registered Art Therapist, a fully licensed psychotherapist and EMDR trained. She is also an adjunct instructor at Alverno College in the Undergraduate Art Therapy Program.

Lydia has extensive experience in the school-based realm supporting students and teachers. Her practice incorporates a diverse range of expressive modalities to facilitate self-awareness, empowerment and healing. She remains dedicated to the ever-changing introspection and education that guides multicultural competence and ethical practice.


Her specialties include working with youth (age 5+) impacted by trauma, as well as eating disorders, college students, and young women navigating emotional regulation difficulties, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and life transitions. Lydia is also supportive of merging clinical knowledge with holistic medicine and spiritual practices. She is LGBTQIA allied.


Lydia is in network with Optum|UHC, Blue Cross Blue Shield, WRAP and CCS. She is also available for self-pay clients.Contact Lydia directly at lydia@bloomtherapies.com


Katherine Dannecker Stevens, MS, ATR-P, LPC-IT

Katherine Dannecker Stevens she/her is an art therapist and licensed professional counselor in training who works with adolescents and adults. Katherine takes a client centered approach to therapy and believes in the communicative power of art within the therapeutic process.


She takes an integrative approach to therapy to best fit each individual and work with them towards their goals. She draws from humanistic and cognitive-behavioral based therapies. She creates a space that allows for individuals to express themselves and be seen in a safe space.


Katherine has experience working with individuals with Autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma as well as art therapy experience in community based settings. She received her Master’s in Art Therapy with a concentration in Counseling from Mount Mary University.


Katherine is available for WRAP and self-pay clients. 

You may contact Katherine directly at  katherinestevens@bloomtherapies.com


Melissa Badertscher, MS, ATR-P, LPC-IT​

Melissa Badertscher she/her is an art therapist and professional counselor in training. She has earned two master’s degrees, one in art therapy with emphasis in counseling and one in general psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development. Melissa has extensive experience working with children and adolescents and has worked with people in the autistic community for more than 5 years. Melissa specializes in working with children with ASD and other developmental delays or disabilities. Melissa is LGBTQIA+ allied.


Melissa has volunteered with the Froedtert Hospital Clinical Cancer Center holding an art therapy open studio for several years. She has experience working with people who have been touched by cancer including: Cancer patients undergoing treatment, caregivers, survivors, and those with terminal illness. Melissa works with individuals and families using a client-centered approach and offers support for those experiencing loss.

Melissa is available for self-pay clients. 

You may contact Melissa directly at  melissabadertscher@bloomtherapies.com


Amber Thomas, MS, ATR-P, LPC-IT

Amber Thomas she/her is an Art Therapist, with a background in trauma work and community-based art therapy. Amber is focused on a community centered approach providing clients tools to navigate emotional regulation and social emotional learning. She is a practicing artist and the owner of Brush Box a community art-based company, focused on using art as a modality for expression and healing. Amber is LGBTQIA+ allied. 


Amber works as an art therapist for Bloom’s community programs and self-pay clients.

You may contact Amber directly at  amberthomas@bloomtherapies.com


Monique Matic, MA, ATR BC, LPC

Monique Matic she/her is a Board-Certified Art Therapist, and a fully licensed psychotherapist in Wisconsin and Illinois. She is also an Assistant Professor at Mount Mary University in the Graduate Art Therapy Program.

Monique has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and families. She uses a variety of approaches in therapy that include: art therapy, play therapy, sand-tray therapy, and talk therapy. She works with clients from a strengths-based and client-centered approach. She believes in providing holistic therapeutic services while working from a culturally competent framework.

Monique’s specialties include working with survivors of sexual abuse and assault, working with youth impacted by trauma, working with women struggling with life transitions, and providing support to those who struggle with depression and anxiety. She is LGBTQIA allied.  

You may contact Monique directly at moniquematic@bloomtherapies.com

PLEASE NOTE: Monique is not taking new patients at this time. 


Erica Browne, MS, LPC-IT, ATR - School Art Therapy Specialist

Erica Browne she/her is an art therapist and professional counselor in training. She earned her master’s degree in art therapy from Mount Mary University. Erica provides individual therapy to young people and adults who are: experiencing anxiety or depression, adjusting to life transitions, challenged by addictions, or have a history of traumatic experiences. Erica has clinical experience working with adolescents, new parents, and survivors of sexual assault or abuse.


Erica specializes in trauma processing through art therapy. She believes positive, supportive relationships are central to our individual and collective healing. Erica offers a collaborative, validating, judgement-free space welcome to all.


Erica is available for self-pay sessions.


You may contact her directly at 323-332-1196 or ericabrowne@bloomtherapies.com


Emily Goldstein Nolan DAT, LPC, ATRL BC- Executive Director

Dr. Emily Nolan she/they is a board certified, licensed art psychotherapist, professional counselor, and a professor of practice in the Creative Arts Therapy program at Syracuse University in New York. Dr. Nolan has presented nationally and internationally, and written many scholarly publications. 

Her specialties include working with people and groups who have experienced trauma, and those needing help adjusting to life transitions. Dr. Nolan is deeply committed to wellness practices and sharing their benefits, such as somatic practices, yoga, Reiki, and meditation. Dr. Nolan has experience working with people who identify as LGBTQIA and is LGBTQIA allied.  


Dr. Nolan is not taking new patients this time. 

You may contact Dr. Nolan directly at emilynolan@bloomtherapies.com